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Total Recall

ESI offers a line of professional grade Voice Loggers that can legally record an unlimited of telephone lines and two way radio traffic.

Totally self-contained, affordable, easy to install, operate, upgrade, and purchase.

Automatic Recording of ALL Calls - Total Recall will automatically capture and securely record all phone or radio conversations for you to play back whenever verification is required.

Large Capacity Database - If a dispute or emergency arises, you can recall relevant recordings from the Total Recall database which holds over 10,000 channel hours of conversations. Recordings can be selected by date, time, phone number or channel number for rapid retrieval and replay.

Stylish Desktop or Rack Mount Units - Providing simultaneous recording for up to 32 channels, you can monitor live conversations, play back, or archive to disk while recording. You can view channel activity, monitor conversations, search, play, and email conversations from multiple recorders on a single network or dial-up access PC screen using the supplied Remote Manager and Record on Demand PC software.

Playback Options - Selected recordings can be replayed via an internal speaker, an external speaker or headphones. For replay on a PC, Remote Manager software reads from an Archived CD and converts recordings for replay on a PC. Calls may also be monitored, played, or searched and played directly from the PC when it is connected to a Total Recall with the built-in LAN and dial-up connectivity.

Voice Logger

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