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safety tips...


Workplace Safety Tips

The National Crime Prevention Council offers workplace safety tips.

Lights, Locks and Doors

bulletUse high security locks, such as Medeco®, or for better security, electronic access control units on all doors.
bulletBe certain all windows are secure. 
bulletChange locks before you move into a new office unless management can account for all keys and assure you that no keys were made without their knowledge.
bulletReport immediately all doors, windows, and locks that are broken or not working properly. Do not assume someone else has reported them already.
bulletLeave some interior lights on even when the business is closed. Illuminate dark places around the building by trimming shrubs, adding lighting, etc.

Common Trouble Spots

bulletNever get into elevators with people who look out of place or behave in a strange or threatening manner.
bulletDo not use the stairs and stairwells alone.
bulletTalk to the building manager about improving poorly lighted corridors and stairways.
bulletCheck to make sure that the reception area is equipped with a panic button for emergencies, a camera with a monitor set up at another employee’s desk, and an electronic access control system on the front door that can be controlled.
bulletNever lock fire exits or block doorways or stairways.

Be Prepared for an Emergency

bulletLearn your company’s emergency plans.  -  Develop a plan if one is not in place.
bulletThen, practice the company’s emergency plan.
bulletKnow the exit routes and evacuation plans in your building.
bulletKnow at least two exit routes from each room, if possible.
bulletDesignate a post evacuation meeting location where appropriate personnel can take a headcount and identify any missing workers. Every employee should be aware of this location.
bulletCoordinate and make special emergency plans for co-workers who are disabled, do not speak English, or who may require assistance during an emergency.
bulletIf you are trapped in your office building, stay calm and take steps to protect yourself. If possible, go to a room with an outside window and telephone for help.

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