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Jacksonville FL

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Monitoring Center Services, Options & Features  

bulletESI Can Monitor & Service All Major Brands & Systems
bulletSecurity, Intrusion and Burglary Alarm   
bulletSilent Hold-Up Alarms
bulletVault and Safe Alarms - UL AA approved
bulletFire Alarm Monitoring - UL approved
bulletFire Sprinkler Monitoring - UL approved
bulletCooler / Freezer Temperature Monitoring Hi / Lo Temp
bulletHigh / Low Water - Flood 
bulletHigh Pressure / Low pressure
bulletEquipment Tampering
bulletElectrical Power Outage
bulletEquipment Running / Equipment Not Running
bulletStorage building / Out building / Remote Sites
bulletTemporary construction offices and trailers
bulletHeavy Equipment  
bulletBoats & vessels - In the water or on a trailer
bulletCRN Dual Alarm Reporting Back-up Radio

System options and features

Daily automatic system self test.

Expanded system reporting - supervisory and trouble conditions of the control panel.  

Open/Close (system armed/disarmed) Status Commercial Only.

Opened By (user name) / Closed By (user name) -Commercial. Only

Failed to Close (system armed) notification - Commercial Only.

Early opening (system disarmed) notification - Commercial Only.

Phone line outage or tampering. 

No Telephone Service?  ESI can still monitor your system

CRN - Long Distance Radio Transmitter sends alarm signals via ultra high frequency radio signals [link CRN] 

Using VoIP (Vonage) for you telephone service?  

We can monitor your system over the internet, this service is ultra fast and UL AA approved.

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