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Security Systems - Intrusion

Home Invasion is a relatively new term that relates to the criminal act of someone  crashing through a door into an occupied home, catching the people inside completely by surprise & making impossible for a 911 call to be made. This is a traumatizing act and in many cases the victims are injured & killed.  

A properly designed burglary alarm system can easily be transformed into an intrusion alarm by simply arming the system when the occupants are home as well as when they are away.  

Arming the Intrusion system The modern systems that ESI utilizes, has a “Home” &  “Away” mode. The “Home” mode automatically arms the perimeter alarm devices (door & window contacts) and by-passes the interior alarm devices.  

The occupants are then free to move around the home without setting off the alarm. 

Should an intruder crash through a protected door or window the alarm would sound and the authorities notified.




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