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Fire Sprinkler Monitoring

Fire Sprinkler Systems are intended to suppress or extinguish fires. Most municipalities and insurance companies require that fire sprinkler systems be monitored by a U.L. approved monitoring center such as ESI. 

In addition to the notification of the fire department in the event of a sprinkler activation due to a fire, monitoring of the system can also provide notification in the event of: 

bulletWater is flowing due to a failure or break in the sprinkler system. This is extremely important during times when the building is unoccupied.
bulletThe supply water vales are turned off. The fire sprinkler system cannot function without water.
bulletLow air in a “dry pipe” system. To prevent low temperature damage to the sprinkler systems pipes or other damage. Some systems have the water pipes filled with air until a fire is detected. If the air pressure part fails, the system can become “flooded” and cause damage.
bulletFire Pump Running - Most fire pumps when activated, will continue to run until manually shut down. If their activation is inadvertent or unknown, they can run until they destroy themselves.

ESI can provide the equipment and installation for complete and economical "Turn Key" Fire Sprinkler Monitoring System. 

Monitoring is provided in our UL listed Central Station.





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