5 Tips for Improving Sperm Quality with a Healthy Lifestyle

Male fertility problems generally occur when the quantity and quality of sperm is not good. Whether it’s because the amount is small, the shape is not good, or the movement is not fast or agile to fertilize the ovum or egg.

Apart from being an age factor, this is also influenced by a healthy lifestyle. So, what healthy lifestyle can improve sperm quality?

If you and your partner want to get a baby immediately, it is recommended to live a healthy lifestyle both before, during, and after the pregnancy program is complete.

Because the sperm released during the analysis of sperm before undergoing the IVF program are sperm formed since three months ago.

This means, if you want a pregnant program with a successful partner, then you have to apply a healthy lifestyle long before planning a pregnancy.

The following is a healthy lifestyle that must be done to improve sperm quality.

1. Eat Balanced Nutritious Food

Sperm quality can be influenced by many factors, both internal and external factors. One external factor or external factor that can affect sperm quality is the type of food consumed.

Until now, there are still many people who are mistaken and consider certain types of food can increase the fertility of men and women. For example, men should eat bean sprouts so the sperm is good and women should drink honey to improve fertility. In fact, the reality is not always the case.

Actually, there are no certain foods or drinks that can improve sperm quality. The most important thing is to ensure the food consumed is in accordance with the principles of balanced nutrition.

This does not directly improve sperm quality, but certainly makes the body healthier. In addition, nutritious food can also increase male libido or sexual arousal.

If the body is healthy and accompanied by good sexual arousal, then the fertility rate will also increase. As a result, pregnant programs that are being undertaken with a partner can run smoothly and the opportunity to have a baby is greater.

2. Regular Exercise

Obesity is one of the causes of decreased sperm quality in men. Because the excess body weight can interfere with the number and quality of the sperm itself, both in shape and movement that is not good. As a result, sperm actually cannot fertilize the ovum optimally.

One of the best ways to control weight is by regular exercise. In addition to helping to lose weight, exercise can also make the body become more fit and better equipped to undergo a pregnant program.

Choose the type of exercise that you like and according to your health condition. For example by jogging, yoga, swimming, and so on.

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3. Avoid Smoking

For those who have fertility problems and want to immediately have a baby, you should immediately stop smoking. In fact, the quality and quantity of sperm in active smokers is worse than non-smokers.

Especially if you and your partner have been declared difficult to get pregnant, then this bad habit can further aggravate the situation. But remember, smoking is not the only reason that men become infertile, but can aggravate sperm disorders.

4. Reduce The Use Of Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles that contain BPA can actually cause a decrease in sperm quality. BPA itself is an estrogen-like compound that is known to reduce the concentration and number of sperm in men.

Therefore, avoid using drinking bottles made from plastic which contain many harmful substances. Bring a place to drink from home and make sure the place contains BPA free to make sure the bottle is safe.

Avoid Using Tight Underwear

The habit of using tight underwear can affect the decrease in sperm quality. Again, this is not only caused by one factor, huh.

An example like this. If we diligently exercise and eat nutritious food, the use of tight underwear is actually not too much of a problem.

It’s just that, this is indeed a risk of suppressing and increasing the temperature of the testicles aka scotum which becomes the storehouse of sperm itself. Moreover if you are obese and become active smokers, this can further aggravate the decline in sperm quality.

In addition to the use of tight underwear, the habit of a sauna or hot bath can also reduce sperm quality, you know. Because the temperature of the heat that affects the testicles can damage spermatogenesis or the process of sperm formation in men. In the end, fertility will decrease and make it difficult to have children.

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